What I Hear When You Say They’re Just Illegal Immigrants

Serve me my dinner or I’ll
serve you up, you’ll be
serving time until it’s
back to the border
it’s what you deserve.
You’re illegal.

The time limit’s up on earning my favor
You’re not people.
Just the drain on my country’s funds—
You’re cheap labor.
The American Dream’s not a dream
it’s a lifestyle.
Serve it to me quietly
or your life’s in danger

My lawmakers sleep in houses that scale
the dream houses my Barbies lived in.
I open my mouth to swallow down
whatever food they spoon in.
I’m eating their table scraps,
so how can I let a stray in?
If there’s no real news on the news
I’m not safe then.
Lies taste sweet, if this earns me
a retweet it was worth it then.

You crossed the border and
you brought the truth—
I can’t live on the truth,
it won’t buy my daughter
a new pair of shoes,
it won’t keep me comfortable
in these shiny church pews.
I like my truth.
I like how it’s always been.
We’ll send you back over
so we can keep playing pretend.

So many families have not yet
been reunited. This is for them.
Please don’t forget the tragedies
taking place right now. Don’t forget them.

Thank you to everyone who took
the time to give this a read.
All comments and critiques welcome—
friendly discourse only, please.
♥Becca N.